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Brand: Europower
Series: EXL-N AGM

EXL-N series are batteries with a 15 years design life (over 12 years according to Eurobat), made in the AGM technology. Owing to their excellent power and current capability these batteries are designed for both large and important central battery or UPS systems as well as for applications in telecommunications or renewable energy engineering (the battery system capacity even up to 12000Ah). They have a very high repeatability of parameters and long design life. EXL-N cells can withstand 1200 discharge/charge cycles at 80% discharge depth. Capacity range: 200Ah/10- 3000Ah/C10 (2V)

29 Years on the market
9 000 000
9 000 000 Sold batteries
10 000
10 000 Over 10 000 customers