Europower EPS 65-12 batteries at Ergo Arena in Gdansk



Europower EPS 120-12 batteries at Lotos Group in Gdansk



Europower EPS 200-12 battries at Stadium Wisla Krakov

For 29 years, we have been one of the largest producers and suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of energy storage, batteries, and cells for emergency power supply and cyclical operation, as well as renewable energy sources (RES).

We supply VRLA (lead-acid) batteries – AGM and gel batteries as well as battery packs in lithium technology (Li-ion and LiFePO4) and NiMH, recognized brands: EUROPOWER®, ACUMAX®, ALARMTEC and DYNASTY. We also offer accessories such as: battery racks and cabinets, battery chargers, cabling and connectors, power supplies, rectifiers and testers. Thanks to our clients’ needs and high quality of products and services confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate, we have become one of the largest companies in the industry.

 Batteries that we supply, work in the most demanding applications in prestigious energy, telecommunications, banking, data centers, alarm systems, etc.


Within a dozen of years, EMU has delivered over 700,000 lead-acid batteries by Europower and Acumax as well as Li-Po and NiMH packages, meeting our strictest quality standards.


All orders were carried out reliably, carefully and on time. Supplied batteries complied with the requirements specified in the orders. The batteries have confirmed their lifespan;  high and stable quality in many applications.


The EMU company delivered the Europower EP, EV and EPS series batteries to the Millennium Bank. All deliveries were made with diligence in accordance with the assumptions and schedule.

Millennium Bank

Professional and timely implementation of the commissioned work and the large courtesy of EMU employees predispose the company to be recommendable and guarantee constructive cooperation.

University Clinical Center

Battery Pack Production

Since 2012 we have dedicated ourselves to the subject of battery packs, providing services in the field of research, design, production and prefabrication of both small battery sets and complex industrial power systems such as power banks. We are constantly improving with every order we complete as a result of which our customer always receives high quality, reliable and often original product solutions. We accept both large and small scale orders, often prototype quantities.

We have well-equipped technical facilities and a qualified staff of committed and creative people, which is why we are eager to undertake ambitious challenges with an open mind and a thinking outside the box approach while at the same time keeping the highest standards. Diversified and highly advanced measuring equipment allows us to carry out even the most complex quality tests of everything we manufacture. We also accept external orders for testing and electrical measurements of components or finished products provided by our customers.

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1990 Year of foundation
10 000 000
10 000 000 Sold batteries
10 000
10 000 Over 10 000 customers


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